AAD Sync No-Start-Credentials

Recently, when I was trying to Sync my On-Premises directories to Office 365 Azure AD, I was getting an error in my “Synchronisation Service Manager” and none of the AD objects were been synced under one of my connectors named “Techiewithablog.com” as shown below in Fig 1.

syn service manager

Fig 1

It is obvious from the above screen that the credentials used by the connector is wrong or expired.

Therefore, I had to update the credentials of the specific connector “Techiewithablog.com”. To do that, go to the “Connectors” tab and right click on the connectors name, which in this case is “Techiewithablog.com” and select properties as shown below in Fig 2.


Fig 2

Once in the connectors properties, Select “Connect to Active Directory Forest” and give the updated password for the relevant account in the “Password” box and click “OK” as shown in Fig 3.


Fig 3

Once done, go back to the “Operations” tab and right click the connector name which has failed to run the sync cycle and click “Run” as shown below in Fig 4.


Fig 4

If the credentials has been entered properly this time, your sync cycle should complete properly as shown below without  the error “No-Start-Credentials” as shown below.


Fig 5

The above issue could happen if the administrators use accounts random accounts for provisioning AAD Sync services.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use dedicated service accounts when configuring your AAD Sync environment with their passwords set to never expire.


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