The connection to the server could not be completed

Recently I started migrating few on premises mailboxes from Exchange 2013 to Office 365 using the Migration Wizard. However, when using the migration endpoint, I encountered the below error “The connection to the server “” could not be completed.

I investigated the above error and did the following tasks to start troubleshooting.

First, I ran the below command “Test-MigrationServerAvailability -ExchangeRemoteMove -RemoteServer” to make sure the server is available (You will have to replace the with the respective value of the server for your organization).

Once I ran the above command, I found out that the remote server had no issues with the below results as the result was a “Success”.


Secondly, I wanted to test the Mailbox Replication Service health and ran the below command “Test-MRSHealth” and got the results to be successful as shown below with various services.


After finding that the above services are functioning well, I was curious as to why the mailbox move was failing. I decided to check the migration endpoint itself for any misconfiguration and started by checking if the credentials used for the Migration endpoint is valid. Upon investigating, I found out that the credentials were expired. I managed to change the credentials and re ran the migration batch and this time mailbox moves were successful.

The above steps will show you to check where you can start troubleshooting if you encounter “The connection to the server could not be completed” error during your mailbox migrations.

Hope this will help someone and keep moving those mailboxes to Office 365!